Living My Life

Вообразим, что Вселенная прекрасна, справедлива и совершенна

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- А зачем я есть?
- Чтобы быть.
- А что я могу?
- Все.

Generous, self-confident, harmonious, compassionate, elegant, love of beauty, esthetic, dignified.
Expansive, yet having a tendency to take more on than can be managed.
A temper that is difficult to control.
Adaptable, shrewd, сunning, independent, need for freedom and movement.
Forceful, bursting with energy, with a passion for growth, expansion and awakening.

The Explorer
Taming the Wild
A desire to penetrate the unknown, adventurous, independent, adaptive, attracted to all walks and paths, whether geographic or in fields of endeavor. Determined action is driving force behind such a character. Often infatuated with the "new" or revolutionary, the explorer is a pioneer of innovation and change.
The archetype is wood: symbolized by the young wood of Spring, of rebirth, and sudden and spectacular growth and movement.
The body organ most associated with the Explorer is the liver, instigating movement and intensity.